May 16, 2011

my REAL wall – 16 May 2011

Look at all that lovely mailart! This evening, when I got home, I walked through the door with one of my neighbours. Being London, I’ve never spoken to him or even seen his face (not that I can remember), so to make small talk he said “Any good post?”

Of course I had good post! Today we got a lovely piece from Dewi (it will be up on the next wall) and he said “Oh you’re the guy who gets all the awesome post”

Yeah I do get a little kick out of it!

On the wall today are 2 pieces from a mystery Canadian sender, who has been sending cool, really childlike post for a few months. There’s no return address or message, so I can only wonder. Any takers? There’s also a little birthday card from Francis and Nisha, who put together the Little Big Stories at Pimlico library and a belated Little Big Story from Louise Kiner, which got sent back to her and finally arrived 2 weeks after the show ended! Never mind Louise, when I get a chance I’ll be putting together a book to raise funds for the library.

Check out that beauty from Ryosuke Cohen, and the Chicken from @RejinL and the Royal Wedding stamp set from Laura Podob.

I’m the one who gets all the awesome post you say? You bet your ass I am!

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