May 5, 2011

my REAL wall – 4 May 2011

Still playing catchup with our backlog of recieved post after a month away – @Grthink you were so right!

These must have been in my REAL wall towers for at least a month, so here goes…

Top left is from JJalltheway – you’ve already seen this a few times, both here and on the sand in Phu Quoc island, Vietnam. What can I say, we like it, so it’s travelled all over, and will probably pop up all over the place. Thanks so much for the wedding gift too JJ, that was so thoughtful. Finally I can see the works of Shaun Tan for myself.

The lovely vibrant pinks and greens is a piece called “Horizon 2 January 2009” and has come from Whimsy and Colour, who is based in Calgary. Little known fact – I’m related to a politician in Calgary and will always go there when I’m in Canada.

Martha Miller makes her second appearance on the wall, with her mailart 365 head theme still going strong 60 heads in!

There are 3 Little Big Stories on the wall today, which arrived well after the deadline, so sadly didn’t make it on to the walls of Pimlico. The show has been awesome, and I spoke to the librarian about the possibility of making a book from the pieces. I am thinking of extending the call to include new artists, and artists who were gutted that they missed the deadline for the show, and I intend to make the book available for purchase with all profits going to the library book buying fund.

2 new mailartists on the wall today are the Spanish speakers Cernjul Viviana from Argentina and Mute Sound from Spain. Cernjul sent in the Carnival piece with mask. Check out Cernjul’s mailart blog for some great stuff coming out of Argentina.

Mute Sound sent 2 intriguing pieces, with circular motifs – Help Mute Sound out with his project “1 minute hypnosis” by sending 1 minute of sound in any system by mail or email. Check out his website for more details.

Thanks to Merdoc Robotics for your block print, which takes pride of place in the calendar, alongside one of Elenas new quilling contacts, Catherine.

What a day! Loads more to come!

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