May 9, 2011

my REAL wall – 7 May 2011

Finally after months of waiting, we seem to have come out of winter and the spring is here in London. mini-Andy has left his scarf on the REAL wall and is back from Vietnam, where he’s been honeymooning with maxi-Andy and Elena.

There’s some great stuff on the wall today, including wedding good tidings from Prettylily, and some older pieces sent by Camel and friends. No 51/365 by Robayre is up on the wall next to 78/365 by Lindsay Stewart and above that is a landmark #100 from Okami

JJ’s QUASAR is the other 365 on the wall today and the zombie mailart comes from I’m a Superhero and I can like fly and shit (I always love saying that) as part of his latest call – Mail of the Living Dead – Send that man some zombies!

The non-mailart pieces come hand delivered from Brugge by Elena’s best friend and from Jose Day in Holland who found my REAL wall via flickr as well as one from Varanasi in India where Shazhan Lin, from China is currently on holiday.

Thanks to all of you for making my REAL wall look so cool!

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