June 19, 2011

my REAL wall – 18 June 2011

Look at that LOVELY Kiera Pannell Ray on Map. I am so in love with her artwork!

Ali’s colourful zentangle is great too, as is Nadine’s piece in the middle, which makes a repeat appearance.

One piece that really stands out here though is one that you can’t really appreciate unless you were to come over to my house and smell it. Gabby has sent me some doodles done on the back of a Dove soap packet. When I opened it I was hit with a lovely detergent smell – it was great!

Many of us are now more than halfway through Mailart365 and many of the pieces we’re getting here at my REAL wall HQ are still from participants on this project, including #200 from Katerina Nikoltsou. TWO HUNDRED! EEEEK! What have I unleashed!

This week, me and Elena got back on the mailart wagon ourselves, bashing out mailart every single night. It’s been great! So keep your heads up folk, some mailart could be heading your way soon!

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