June 18, 2011

The phone boxes of Kingston get a REAL wall makeover

As part of my continuing quest to get people writing and connecting in the post, I’ve started my REAL wall‘s educational wing, www.schoolswaps.net, designed to make it easy for teachers to arrange postal swaps for their classes.

The first major project of schoolswaps is a collaboration with the Kingston International Youth Arts Festival (IYAF), who called me when they saw the work I’d done with art students at my university and asked if I could help them work out how to get young people making art and sending it to their show.


Now, after a few months of tireless work, the team at IYAF have deservedly received 429 postcards, with a while left to get more.

With all the postcards just sitting around in an office, I figured that it would be a good idea to get them out there, out and about in Kingston, and this is the first “my REAL wall”-inspired outing for the postcards of IYAF, showing the organiser, Zoe Thomas, putting the postcards up on an iconic Kingston sculpture

Out of Order” by David Mach, is in the centre of the town and shows a load of the old iconic red telephone boxes tumbling into one another.

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