July 10, 2011

My REAL wall – 9 July 2011

Todays REAL wall features my first ever audio post. You’d think that in an age of multimedia that these “wall” things would be a little more media-rich, so I’m surprised it’s taken me this long to get my first audio posting, and thanks to Hackman for this and the great Ska Man envelope it came in too!

Also on the wall is a number of pieces from I’m a superhero and can like fly and shit, from his Free Art Foundation and Zombie angles, and the first piece from Mabb.

Other mailart365ers on the wall include Katerina Nikoltsou, whose daring pencil shaving landscape made it through intact somehow all the way from Greece and excited me and Elena no end. Even more exciting, is the fact that we may be meeting Katerina later this year, as it looks like she may be paying us a visit, making her the 5th mailartist we’d have meeten this year!

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