August 16, 2011

my REAL wall – 15 August 2011

More than 2 years have gone by since I launched my REAL wall and still the post keeps coming. When I met Elena just over 2 years ago, she mentioned that one day “you’ll have so many posts coming in for the wall you won’t be able to keep up” and i laughed. It seemed absurd that a REAL wall, not in REAL time complete with REAL posts would ever work, but somehow it has and I still absolutely love it!

It seems that Elena was right then. Here’s the first REAL wall from a huge pile I have backlogged. Todays wall features art from Crisispanty, who seems to be making a mailart365 comeback, Heleen one of my favourite mailartists from Holland and a newcomer to the wall Winged Heart, whose beautiful little piece you can see top middle of the wall.

Lots more to come shortly, but I’ve currently injured my ankle (playing football) so i don’t want to spend too long on my feet putting up walls.

4 thoughts on “my REAL wall – 15 August 2011

  1. I received your wonderful pen drawing!! Thanks a lot, Andy, it was a great surprise! (if curious to see what the RoyMai has added – just a slight circle and some waves – see ).
    I hope your ankle will be well soon! (the good thing is that you might get more time to sit down and draw&mail; :o) But please don't trouble Elena, e.g. to do more in the house, I guess she is busy and has been worrying a lot!?!)

  2. Yeah I must be such a handful to look after! I'm back on my feet now though and ready to go our and cause mayhem again!

    Really pleased to hear Usagi made it over to you safely Heleen. Really proud o that piece and I really wanted you to have it

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