November 6, 2011

my REAL wall – First wall in Kingston

my REAL wall has been keeping a pretty low profile lately. The reason we’ve been out of action is because me and Elena have been moving house!

Now, the best address to send your posts to to get onto my REAL wall is

53 Haygreen Close
United Kingdom

The new place is much more befitting of a newly married couple. It’s much bigger, has 2 rooms and a conservatory where this picture was taken where we have an art table. Yes, you read that right. We have a table dedicated to making ART!

So much has happened since the last post. Notably, we have met up with 3 mailartists and been to Turkey. We met Dewi last month, who is a mailart365 artist. He popped over from Canada via Tuscany and showed us his sketchbook. It was great!

Katerina Nikltsou, another 365 artist, came over from Greece and stayed in Notting Hill, just around the corner from our old place. We popped in to see her, and she gave us that lovely acrylic painted piece that dominates todays wall.

Mim, the other 365 artist who is on track and whose piece is on the wall below Katerinas, came over earlier on in the year, so technically that means we’ve met every artist on the 365 who is set to complete the project on December 1st. Only 26 pieces left to go for those heroes!

Another notable artist on the Mailart 365 project that I’ve met is Postively Postal, who is currently running a project in conjunction with the Royal Mail called “The A-Z of the UK”. Check out his site for details of how to pick up some exclusive stamp packs from the Royal Mail

One person who could easily be on 365, but isn’t is the great Ruud Jansen, who runs IUOMA. He came over from Holland last month on business and I very nearly met up with him, but he ended up too busy, which was a shame. However he did send some mailart through, which you can see here.

That lovely cut out butterfly is from Spopod, the index card is a classic Lindsay Killin piece and there’s a new piece from the Keep writing project by Hope, who’s work keep making me smile. This time, I’ve got a recipe for chocolate cake from her, and I need to dig up a decent recipe of my own and send it back. If you’ve not seen the Keep writing project, check it out RIGHT NOW at

10 thoughts on “my REAL wall – First wall in Kingston

  1. No worries Rachel, I'm going to pop back occasionally to pick up post for at least half a year until folk update their address books. Thanks for the heads up on the post though, I'll be looking out for it!

  2. Congrats on your new place!! An art table.. awesome!! 🙂 I finally bought one of those adhesive memo board so I can start my own REAL wall. Hoping to be more creative! I love Keep Writing Postcards. I signed up for it.. looking forward to my first postcard next month. I need to start my own art project in Vegas. Hope you got that postcard I sent ya!

  3. Yup indeed it's the conservatory Mark. I decided it was best to stick blu-tac on the bricks rather than on painted walls as we are now renting. Pop over and see it sometime, we're only next door!

    @Jen – yes we got your card from Copenhagen. How you guys manage to keep moving from place to place I'll never know! Thanks as always for keeping the REAL wall stocked with post!

  4. We have been waiting for the fiance visa interview that's why we were in Europe. Now, just waiting for the paperwork.. Wedding's in February. We'll be in Vegas for a years.. starting a family. You're welcome! I know you love the post and it's great to see it on your REAL wall!

  5. Congrats guys! Can't believe I only found this out via randomly reading your blog though – where's the "We've moved – come and get smashed in the new pad" invite? 🙂

  6. Jen it's great to hear you guys are starting a family! I think our kids may play together if we're lucky!

    Jay, I didn't mention the move, cos erm…we moved house on the day of your wedding! I didn't want to say anything as you had way too much happening to have to worry about our little house move! What happened was we thought that our place was gonna be emptied in a morning then we could easily make it over to yours. As it turned out, we moved all our stuff all day Saturday, then all day Sunday too, which is why I looked so crap at the reception. So there, now you know!

    We haven't had a "get mashed" party yet, cos we were waiting for you to come back from your honeymoon. So when are you free?

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