January 25, 2012

Plays the Thing postcard show in conjunction with Escape Artists


At the end of last year, I teamed up with a UK charity called Escape Artists, with whom I helped run a postcard show called “A good day looks like…”

The show was part of a conference called “Plays The Thing“, which was about exploring creative approaches to wellbeing, and so we asked for people to consider what a good day looked like in the spirit of exploring and expressing creatively what wellbeing meant to them.

This was a particularly interesting show for me, because among other things, Escape Artists do a lot of work with prisoners and young people, so this show had many contributions from people I don’t often see in my postbox.

Can you guess which ones were done by prisoners, which by children and which were done by mainstream artists?

I didn’t manage to get too many photos on the days the conference was on of the photos on display, but here are the 2 photos I took on my phone of all the postcards up on display at the conference

Another unofficial REAL wall (www.myrealwall.com) of post put... on Twitpic

My REAL wall put together with @escapeartists for #playstheth... on Twitpic

I’m looking forward to working more with Escape Artists in future and hope to use the post to bring people together, regardless of their backgrounds

All the images can be seen in all their glory on my flickr site, where I lovingly scanned and archived them. I’ll add descriptions when I get a chance.

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