February 6, 2012


I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before but have I told you how fabulous I think Heleen de Vaan is? Well if you didn’t already know, me and Elena think she’s GREAT!

Already a firm favourite since putting together some wonderful pimped photos some years back, Heleen has made us smile month after month, with her wonderful drawings and at Christmas we received a surprise package with her unmistakable writing and drawings on.

Imagine our delight when we found it covered in Postcrossing stamps and filled with…5 bars of chocolate! So to those of you wondering how to get a full feature here on my REAL wall, watch and learn!

Elena saw immediately what the letters meant, but when I laid them out it actualy took me a few days to decipher. Can you mailartists guess what it is yet?

One thought on “PZOLA?

  1. P. Zola of course!
    (Pierre Zola, cousin of the famous writer!? Paola Zola, Emile's favourite aunt??)

    I'm glad my post made it safely through the customs! And my compliments to the two of you as you managed to keep the chocolate letters still alive!

    P.S. my mail art blog is http://heleendevaan.blogspot.com – thanks again for your mail art – and thank you for this post!

    (The Argentinian bandoneonista Ástor P(iaz)zol(l)a???)

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