May 13, 2012

my REAL wall in Kent part 1

I haven’t posted up a REAL wall for months and the pile of incoming mail is about 3 inches high so this weekend, when Elena took me out, we made sure to pack all the carryable post into the bag and our travelling blu-tac and kept our eyes open for nice public wall space.

As we were walking in the countryside, there weren’t that many buildings, so we found some wooden sculptures to stick your postcards to.

All of these postcards are from members of the Mailart 365 group.

2 thoughts on “my REAL wall in Kent part 1

    • It was a lovely weekend walk with lots of wooden animals (and real ones). I found it easier to stick the postcards on the wooden ones. Got your postcard from the meetup – it looks like a brilliant turnout and I can only imagine you and Mim in a room together! How awesome!

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