May 26, 2012

my REAL wall in Kent part 2

I really liked this little park we went walking in. They had these cool little wooden insects and animals everywhere and lovely scenery. It all made for a very appropriate backdrop for displaying some of the work from awesome mailartists that I’ve got for you. What a treat!

On the wall today we welcome back Dumpsterdiversanonymous, who is not only one of my all time favourite collage artists but also carves a MEAN rubber stamp. She sent me this New Years card at the start of the Chinese New Year of the Dragon. Next to her you can see a lovely collage from Ruckus, who I would dearly love to see more of in my postbox.

Heleen de Vaan from Holland is the next one along the leg and the green one is the 1001st piece (of 365) from Katerina Nikoltsou, who is possibly the most prolific mailartist around at the moment. Now that #1001 is in, she’s going to stop numbering, but I have no doubt that she’ll keep creating en masse.

Possibly the only person I know who can keep up with this rate of art production is Mim4art, who is possibly mine and Elena’s best friend on the mailart scene. We’ve met twice, once on our wedding, when her and Chuck came to visit, then again in Paris when we went to visit them. She’s lovely and we can’t wait to pop over to Richmond, Virginia to see her.

Finally on the wall we have a piece by Kiera Pannell, who seems to have endless talents. Not only is she an awesome collage and drawing artist she was also a maths teacher too. Dewi told me when we met (he came over to stay in our house) she’s possibly the coolest person he’s ever met. I don’t doubt that.

Thanks to everyone for all the awesome post as ever. 🙂 Our postbox is always happy over here

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