June 27, 2012

REAL Social Networking – Your mailart needed for a BIG London showing! URGENT

I’ve been given a public space to display mailart at a new mail project that’s opened in the very centre of London. The project is called Welcome to Real, and bills itself as the physical first network to be run in the post. Regular readers of my REAL wall may have a little something to say about that…

my REAL wall - It's elementary you know

Anyway, the idea of this project, sponsored by Royal Mail, is that they have a public display space in a pretty prominent place in the centre of London and they are giving a number of lucky folk “plots”, which are little pieces of space to display stuff that is to be sent in by post. I’ve been given plot 45 to display in and I shall be running my REAL wall at that address until the end of the show, which runs til the 27th July.

I shall be doing a retrospective/live performance of my REAL wall, showing all the awesome stuff I’ve been sent over the years. You of course can take part and fill up my plot too mailartists and readers, just send all your mail to me this month at my plot address, which is…

my REAL wall, Plot 45, REAL, The Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, 1-2 Royal Opera Arcade, London, SW1Y 4UY, UK

If you’ve sent to me in the past, keep your eyes on www.myrealwall.comand http://www.welcometoreal.co.uk/plot/plot-45/ to see if your post makes a reappearance and if you’re sending in you will definitely make an appearance!


5 thoughts on “REAL Social Networking – Your mailart needed for a BIG London showing! URGENT

  1. They TOTALLY stole your idea and tried to make it their own! At least you’re not mad about it… imitation IS the highest form of flattery after all. Although, I know I’d be still be peeved. I’ll definitely be sending you a postcard or two before the end of the month… definitely one from Barcelona!

    • It is a LITTLE similar isn’t it…

      Anyway I get a load of Freepost envelopes this month and a bit of gallery space so I’m going to create loads of stuff anyway. Anything that encourages people to get in touch with each other in a REAL way gets my vote 🙂

  2. I want to say a HUGE thank you so far to everyone who is filling up plot 45. I’ll obviously say it by post later too, but I love how it’s filling up. I can already see the following artists in there

    Lorraine Kwan
    Valentine Mark Herman
    Heleen de Vaan

    and I can’t quite make out the rest, but I will be popping in to take some proper pictures later this week I hope.

    Keep em coming!

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