July 6, 2012

my REAL wall Retrospective 1 – The Final Status

This month, my REAL wall is in residence at the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, courtesy of the REAL network.

As a result, all post sent in to my REAL wall will go straight up on my plot there, so if you are sending in, keep an eye on Plot 45 which will be updated daily by the lovely staff at the gallery.

Meanwhile, back here at my REAL wall HQ, I will be preparing the pieces that go into my plot from me. Yes I find it odd too, sending post to myself. As far as I know, the only person who does this on a regular basis is Valentine. Personally I can’t see how this is going to work for the other plots, but for me, the idea of sending something to myself for display presents a new challenge, and I thought that I would make use of the space to create a retrospective of my REAL wall, in chronological order. I’ll send them in and post them here a few days later.

This first piece shows my decision to quit facebook and the small number of comments I received, which mainly suggested that living without facebook was not possible.

I went a year without it and in that time my life changed irreversibly for the better…

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