December 13, 2012

Your REAL wall on tour with Rejin Leys in New York

Whoop whoop! Always love it when mailart goes out on tour. Recently, in response to a tweet from regular REAL wall contributor Rejin Leys I decided to send a photo from an earlier REAL wall. Little did I know, that my little piece of mailart would go and have it’s only little REAL adventure. So, hang tight folks and lets go around New York with Rejin Leys!

The first tweeted pic was on November 21st, reporting our first field trip “together”


May I say, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and I’m very glad that Rejin kept me wrapped up warm

Then, on the 26th November we went out again, around NY

What a thrill – I’d never been to NY before and now I was going and seeing all the sites!

The last place we visited in November was the Unisphere, which I think was in Men in Black

Now, my little pic is probably up somewhere in the house on a REAL wall where it belongs. What a lovely trip. Thanks Rejin!

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