August 25, 2013

Goodbye housey!

We’ve been busy packing for our trip to Asia. We’ve now got no jobs and we’re going to be leaving the house we’ve lived in for 2 years on Wednesday. All the postcards I’ve received over the years have been packed into boxes and there are just a few left in the inbox to post up before I go. My final REAL wall of your post on my wall before we travel!

Final REAL wall from Haygreen Close


August 16, 2013

Goodbye jobs!

Goodbye jobs champers

After what seems like an age, Elena and I gave up our jobs today!

We plan to travel extensively, starting with a trip to Vietnam. We’re not sure how long we’ll be away, but we have one-way tickets and no intention of coming back until we’ve remembered how to relax!

Given our lack of a fixed address for this period, I have removed our address from the site as we can’t guarantee that we’ll actually receive anything. However, this isn’t the end of the road for my REAL wall or for the Hoang postcard-train! Watch this space for our new project, to be announced soon…


August 14, 2013

Presenting my REAL wall at Techjam

I’ve been pretty busy learning to code recently and have been attending informal coding meets called Techjam run by a very cool group called Freeformers. These guys teach young people how to take bits of the web and “remix” them to make cool new things and encourage young entrepreneurs to make their ideas happen on the web.

Tuesday nights are one of my reserved evenings as Techjams run on Tuesdays. Having attended for a while, I was asked to share a project that I’ve been working on and I decided to present my REAL wall, not because it’s in any way a startup, but I just wanted to talk about how working with your passions means that creating on the web is effortless.

Apparently, my “elevator pitch” went down really well and one of the guys videoed the back end of it, which I figured to upload here and share.