December 19, 2015

Why the blog hasn’t been updated for a while….

baby REAL wall

Tiring job this looking after a baby….

Our little girl was born in March 2015 and we’ve had our hands full since then. Thanks to everyone who sent in her first cards!

4 thoughts on “Why the blog hasn’t been updated for a while….

    • Yes it’s been a while for us all. She is already 10 months old and that pic was taken when she was about 3 months old. I’ve been meaning to post it all this time! Good to be back posting on the blog again though

    • I know the feeling. Every night when the girls go to bed I’m like, “I’ll just go and make some art”, and find I’m just too knackered to lift up a pencil. Maybe after she’s a year old things will get easier?

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