About my REAL wall

On 13th February 2009, I realised I was fed up of posts on my facebook wall, so I thought I’d close my facebook account and get back to old fashioned communication. I thought it was better to get REAL post, rather than virtual posts and it would be better to put those on a REAL wall rather than a virtual one so I set this site up to receive REAL post. From REAL people.

Whenever any new post has been sent to me I put up here and photograph it. Don’t forget to click on each photo to go through to it’s flickr page where you will find full annotations.

Fridge Gallery: Been there done that

If you want to see your REAL post on my REAL wall, just drop it into a postbox addressed to

my REAL wall
53 Haygreen Close
United Kingdom

I can’t promise to reply to all the REAL post I receive, but I do try!

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