February 16, 2011

Little Big Stories – A mailart call by my REAL wall and Westminster libraries

Can you tell a story in words and pictures and fit it on a postcard? If so we want to see your stories!

As part of the graphic novel season at Westminster libraries, we are holding a mailart show at Pimlico library, where we want to display postcard sized stories from YOU!

All of your “Little Big Stories” will go on display in Pimlico library in London for 2 weeks.

Full details can be found at The Westminster Libraries Blog. The deadline is March 11, 2011 and to submit work, just send your pieces to

Graphic Novel Mail Art Show
Westminster Libraries
c/o my REAL wall
PO Box 63138
W14 4BR
United Kingdom

Mailart Martha Envelope

All pictures of the show and build up will be uploaded and displayed on this page

Thanks to everyone for participating!

As pieces are received, I’ll add them to the list on this page

Why not drop a comment below, or at the original post if you intend to send a piece!