December 13, 2012

Your REAL wall on tour with Rejin Leys in New York

Whoop whoop! Always love it when mailart goes out on tour. Recently, in response to a tweet from regular REAL wall contributor Rejin Leys I decided to send a photo from an earlier REAL wall. Little did I know, that my little piece of mailart would go and have it’s only little REAL adventure. So, hang tight folks and lets go around New York with Rejin Leys!

The first tweeted pic was on November 21st, reporting our first field trip “together”


May I say, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip and I’m very glad that Rejin kept me wrapped up warm

Then, on the 26th November we went out again, around NY

What a thrill – I’d never been to NY before and now I was going and seeing all the sites!

The last place we visited in November was the Unisphere, which I think was in Men in Black

Now, my little pic is probably up somewhere in the house on a REAL wall where it belongs. What a lovely trip. Thanks Rejin!

February 6, 2012

Chucks REAL wall 2

Chuck Scalin’s REAL wall in Paris continues to expand with contributions. This wall is particularly exciting for me as me and Elena are going to see it in a few weeks time! We’ll add to it in person.

Here’s what Chuck has to say…

Just wanted to update all of you who’ve been so supportive on my quest to start a wall of my own during our stay in Paris.

Thanks so much for all the mail I’ve received the past few weeks! As you can see from the photo below, My Wall has grown

considerably since I received my first mail art from Katerina who started it all for me.

Thanks again and I look forward to meeting some of you soon!

Chuck (aka Charles-Benoit)

February 2, 2012

Chucks REAL wall in Paris

Later on this month, Elena and I are heading to Paris with Positively Postal and Katerina to meet Mim and Chuck. We are all mailartists and met through sending post to each other, and we’re going to meet up and make mailart together. We can hardly wait and have already booked a place to stay together.

But even before I get there, I’ve already got a little treat from Chuck in the form of Chucks REAL wall! Here’s his message…

Bonjour from Paris!
My Real Wall!

Just wanted to thank you all for sending mail-art to me in Paris!

What a nice surprise to return from our Bilbao trip to find a deluge of mail-art
correspondence completely filling my mailbox.

A special thank you to my friend Katerina, who sent me my first piece of mail-art in Paris
It started a chain of mail to post on my wall in our atelier–I’ve attached a photo of
my growing collection for you to see.

Also, many thanks Erni for sending me the awesome Spiegelman book–he’s one of my favorites!

After we return to our home in Richmond, Virginia, I will respond with mail-art to all of you also.

Sending you best regards,

Chuck (aka Charl-Benoit in Paris)

Check out my blog of photo images I’ve gleaned from the streets of Paris and Bilbao.

Also, my website is:

January 18, 2012

Your REAL wall by Stimpdawg – House of wall art

The House of Art Wall by Stimpdawg
The House of Art Wall, a photo by Stimpdawg on Flickr.

This is the first House of Art Wall. I borrowed the idea from my friend Andy’s my REAL wall. He posts mailart and postcards that he receives on a wall in his house. He even told me about the adhesive board you see my postcards on. It allows you to stick paper or photos onto the sticky board without any tape. For some reason I could only find it available in England and not in the USA.

The postcards are some I’ve received and a few are ones I have collected during my travels. The postcard on the top left is a postcard that Lil Dave wrote to his dad Big Dave when we were traveling. It’s a picture of a boy holding a monkey in front of the Seashore Temple in Mahabalipuram, India. The next one over is from a Sichuan Opera that we went to in Chengdu, China. The next postcard is from Andy from my REAL wall which contains many pictures of him. The last one in that row is a postcard from a Couchsurfing Spanish couple who stayed with us – it’s from where they live in Spain.

The first postcard in the next row is a friend Raynell who I met on ICQ years ago. She sent me a postcard from her backyard in Waimānalo, Hawaii. I recently reconnected with her on Facebook after finding this postcard when I was packing up my stuff in my old room at my parent’s house. There’s a postcard of the Capuchin Crypt in Rome, Italy that we visited. It’s a creepy, but cool crypt where skeletons and bones are placed as lamps, monks and in patterns. The last postcard in that row is from Keep Writing Postcards project. It’s a homemade postcard that I receive monthly. You can receive the postcards from her Etsy shop.

There’s a few more postcards that I found along my travels. There’s a Salvador Dali postcard from Australia and The Colosseum from Rome, Italy. I like the Dream Bangkok postcard that has a pink trailer on it. This modern hotel has the best free postcards that I’ve ever seen and I’ve been to many hotels traveling around the world for 3 years. There’s also a postcard from the Sydney Underground Film Festival which has a picture of a lady with windows of men in them which reminds me of Dali. The last one is a picture of the Mena House Oberoi in Cairo, Egypt taken in 1920. Joy Loves Adventure is the second homemade postcard I received from the Keep Writing Postcards project.

The washboards are around The House of Art Wall. My fiance Ivan bought the washboard on the right for Christmas. It turned out to be the wrong color and type. The company said he could keep it and then sent the right one which is listed on the left side. Now I have to learn to play it! Ever since I saw a girl playing it in a band on the street in New Orleans, I’ve always wanted one.

I would love to receive a postcard or mailart from you. I’ll send something to you! Go here to contact me with your information.

May 18, 2011

your REAL walls from i’m a superhero i can like fly and shit (yes that’s his name)

Here are the first REAL wall submissions from another Mailart365 member, the awesomely named i'm a superhero i can like fly and shit.

The first is the regular mail received. I can spot one from Shitbot! I'm so happy about that because I have one from the same mysterious sender, complete with alien skulls! It seems shitbot is sending stickers and mailart out to a few people on the mailart scene, but who is the Shitbot I wonder. Answers on a postcard please…

I love "Messy is good" too – who was that from superhero?

The second photo shows some of the submissions for i'm a superhero i can like fly and shit's new mailart call Mail of the living dead zombie mail art call. The call only opened recently, so hurry up and send your zombies, or as Superhero puts it – “There’s lots of whitespace still!! SEND MORE MAIL!”

May 8, 2011

your REAL wall by Katerina Nikoltsou from Greece

Katerina Nikolstou is one of themost prolific mailartists on the scene at the moment, and one of the many mailartists on Mailart 365 who are on track, with over 150 posts since December 1st, 2010. Here’s her first REAL wall, including 2 pieces by me and loads of received pieces from Mailart 365ers. What a stunning wall this is! 
Katerina has been a real inspiration for many people, and last year she ran a great mailart show in her home city of Thessaloniki which I contributed to. It’s nice to see more of my work up on walls in Greece, and if you have sent mailart out that way too, perhaps you too are on her wall today. 

If you see your piece on the wall, leave a comment below and tell us which one it is!

April 18, 2011

your REAL wall from 100 days of snail mail

The 100 Days, 100 Mails Project

Starting on January 5th 2011, “snailmailfan” decided to mail something – postcard, letter, package, or puppy, through the postal systems of the world – every day for 100 days. To add to the challenge, at least ten different “sources” for addresses were to be used, and no repeat addresses were to be knowingly counted towards the completion of the project.

This challenge was completed on April 14th, 2011. 100 mails were sent, no repeat addresses were knowingly counted, a little over $300 Canadian was spent, and a whole new world of internet-community supported snail mail correspondence and mail art was discovered.

The Snailmailfan

Snailmailfan is a girl in her mid-twenties living in Winnipeg, Canada. When she’s not sending out mail or blogging, she could be reading, participating in an online social strategy game called eRepublik , cooking or baking, watching old (and sometimes new) movies, listening to radio, cheering for the Twins baseball team, playing with her teeny dog, rummaging through thrift shops, taking long walks through the city, imagining long travels across the country and the world, or fixing up her home, in which she hopes to manage a bed and breakfast operation in the mid-term future.

Snailmailfan likes bumblebees, prarie dogs and dragonflies, street cars, and purple coneflowers. Her favourite “tea” is rooibos. She wishes her French was better, wants to learn a third language, and how to play her guitar.

March 11, 2011

Box 652’s REAL wall – 11 March 2011

This came in from Sue from Box652 today. Sue is an active mailart365er, and REAL wall fan.

Here’s what she has to say

My REAL wall as of today. Going to refresh it with the ‘objects-in-waiting’ so I’ll have a different real WALL tomorrow. Virtual living is loveliness. Thanks to all of you who sent things. Some are on this episode. Some in the queue. I need a bigger wall… 🙂

[Andy – I love the graffiti!]