Welcome to the Advisor Support Platform, provided by your Broker / Dealer and administrated by ASP Benefits. 

The  Advisor Support Platform provides you with a Family Pharmacy Savings Plan and access to other goods and services at specially negotiated member-only rates*.     Access starts the day you receive your associate membership by email or when you activate your membership and the benefits are always being updated to serve your needs. 

The benefits are designed with the financial advisor professional in mind.  We offer human resource tools developed specifically for small to medium size businesses; access to group medical, life and disability insurance programs with limited guaranteed issued open enrollments, as well as individual policies; and a myriad of savings programs from travel to banking.

This membership is a life-time membership with no charge to you as long as you are associated with the enrolling Broker / Dealer.   If you wish to keep this membership after you leave your Broker / Dealer there will be a one time charge of $40.00.

Please review the benefits immediately as many of the benefits are time sensitive!




News Flash

Now is the time to review your health insurance policy and makes changes as it is the yearly period when people can enroll in a health insurance plan. For 2019 coverage, the Open Enrollment Period is November 1, 2018 – December 15, 2018.  Visit our health insurance guide and health insurance enrollment page for more information.




Membership Guide

A tour of the membership as well as tips and tricks to maximize the benefits of your membership.

Insurance Solutions

One size does not fit all.  Learn about Section 125, group policies, indemnity plans and other insurance options.

Human Resource Tools

Tools to increase your "Good Hire Percentage" because hiring the wrong candidate is too costly.


Personal Savings Guide

Access to goods and services at specially negotiated rates.