Compose a draft position description that:
  • Describes the job - not the person in it
  • Describes what the job is - not what it was, will be next year, might be or ought to be
  • Specifies the whole job
  • Makes no explicit or implicit reference to the sex of the position holder.

The position description contains various components including:
  • Job Purpose: a concise statement that makes clear the overall and broad objective of the job and avoids detail
  • Duties: the major responsibilities and roles required of the position
  • Statistics: measurable statistics such as budgets, volume of work, value of assets controlled and number of staff
  • Reporting Relationships: supervisor's position and positions reporting to the jobholder
  • Principal Accountability: all the expected key outputs - end results of the job - not duties or activities (ie. the what - not the "how")
  • Grouping Accountability: areas of accountability are the main areas of things that get done. Group things together. For example, 'staff management' activities such as train staff, delegate, appraise staff
  • Number of Accountability: usually 4 to 8 statements but fewer in lower level jobs
  • Minimum Education Required: educational level or name of qualification, either essential or desirable, required for the job
  • Selection Criteria: the basis upon which applicants will be assessed. Includes qualifications, experience, and skills that are essential for competent performance in the job.

Before finalizing
  • Review the position description and have someone knowledgeable about the job review the description. Revise as appropriate.
  • Have somebody unfamiliar with the job review the description for clarity. Revise as appropriate.
  • Finalize the position description, obtain the necessary approval and submit to Human Resources for evaluation and processing.

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