This program is design to assist you in increasing your “Good Hire Percentage” by giving you the tools to find the best candidate for your organization. You have the opportunity to use this system from the basic use of the Interview Guide and the online forms included in the basic membership to building a consistent system of hiring and evaluating new and existing employees. Consider that the cost of a “bad hire” can exceed $10,000.00 plus a loss of productivity, the use of this entire program is less than $200.00.

The Five Stage Process:

  1. Initial interview with standardized application
  2. Personality profile
  3. Background Check including drug testing
  4. Creation of employee file for your records and membership to the benefits program for the employee
  5. Controlled employee benefit options with savings for employers and employees

The employee will start the first day ready to work and this system replaces the time needed for setup and reduces your costs.

Elements of the system can be used for existing employees to modify job descriptions and to increase productivity and communication.

STAGE 1 - Interviewing
STAGE 2 – Select top candidate(s) – Evaluate Compatibility with your Business
  • Personality Profile – email sent to applicant with link to profile; cost $75.00 per profile
  • Completed personality profile emailed to you for evaluation with copy to applicant.
  • Review of the office personality profile with the goal of building a more productive and commutative staff and management platform by behavioral professional - cost by quote.
  • Template for confirming offer letter or rejection letter.
  • Schedule a second Interview to review profile with applicant and to make offer contingent on background and drug testing

Note:  Stage 2 is ideal for evaluating current staff and the positions that they hold.  Simply have each staff member take the personality profile including the owner / manager.  Compare employee strengths to the personal traits and modify job description to match their strengths.  Valuable information on how to maximize communication and productivity and a 3 year benefits membership is included.

You can choose to go forward with Stage 3 for the complete H/R package or continue without the Stage 3 services


STAGE 3 – Online testing
STAGE 4 – Complete employment process
  • W-4 and I-9 for employees, W-9 for independent contractors, & other employment forms
  • Set up Section 125 for new and existing employees
  • Enroll employee in benefits membership
  • Complete employment file emailed to start employee file; cost $50.00
STAGE 5 - Employee Benefit Options
  • Section 125 setup for pretax savings on individual insurance selections for a one time set up fee of around $100.00

News Flash

Now is the time to review your health insurance policy and makes changes as it is the yearly period when people can enroll in a health insurance plan. For 2019 coverage, the Open Enrollment Period is November 1, 2018 – December 15, 2018.  Visit our health insurance guide and health insurance enrollment page for more information.