April 18, 2011

your REAL wall from 100 days of snail mail

The 100 Days, 100 Mails Project

Starting on January 5th 2011, “snailmailfan” decided to mail something – postcard, letter, package, or puppy, through the postal systems of the world – every day for 100 days. To add to the challenge, at least ten different “sources” for addresses were to be used, and no repeat addresses were to be knowingly counted towards the completion of the project.

This challenge was completed on April 14th, 2011. 100 mails were sent, no repeat addresses were knowingly counted, a little over $300 Canadian was spent, and a whole new world of internet-community supported snail mail correspondence and mail art was discovered.

The Snailmailfan

Snailmailfan is a girl in her mid-twenties living in Winnipeg, Canada. When she’s not sending out mail or blogging, she could be reading, participating in an online social strategy game called eRepublik , cooking or baking, watching old (and sometimes new) movies, listening to radio, cheering for the Twins baseball team, playing with her teeny dog, rummaging through thrift shops, taking long walks through the city, imagining long travels across the country and the world, or fixing up her home, in which she hopes to manage a bed and breakfast operation in the mid-term future.

Snailmailfan likes bumblebees, prarie dogs and dragonflies, street cars, and purple coneflowers. Her favourite “tea” is rooibos. She wishes her French was better, wants to learn a third language, and how to play her guitar.