May 23, 2011

Elenas favourites for May 2011

The ever changing and expanding Elenas favourites wall for May 2011, still populated by lots of Postmuse, Ubon and Dumpsterdiver, but now includes some quilling from Box652 and some cool JJalltheway. Notably, Elena has recently become a HUGE fan of Dewi Johan, who has been experimenting with more landscapes and drawing styles. Elena is not really a portrait fan, so much of Dewis work has passed her by, but the landscapes are really up her street.

January 10, 2011

Elenas favourites wall expands all over the house

Usually Elena picks her favourites and puts them up on our boiler cupboard. At the moment it is really the Postmuse show on there, and Elena has run out of space, so she’s decided to expand the favourites enterprise into the kitchen and on to the wall next to stairs.

Along with Camels leg tattoo and JJ’s daffodility 14 are some old favourites like Heleen21’s awesome photo pimpup and Jennlui’s neverendingly creative book, where you turn it over and over and find another surprise.

The fridge door has some ATCs from Elenas new contact, Lisa. These are slightly smaller than our usual postcards, but Lisa uses the size to her advantage packing in so much detail into the space.

Mim’s classic Wren has been up since it arrived too, and inspired some of Elenas recent work. It’s lovely to have so much inspiration coming through our door every day.

Some pieces I think will never come down from the boiler door are Okadascats knitted REAL wall banner, Cross Ryu’s Indian Inks (Girl in water bottle and Girl with a tree for hair) and of course Ubons portrait of Elena. These are sublime.