May 8, 2011

your REAL wall by Katerina Nikoltsou from Greece

Katerina Nikolstou is one of themost prolific mailartists on the scene at the moment, and one of the many mailartists on Mailart 365 who are on track, with over 150 posts since December 1st, 2010. Here’s her first REAL wall, including 2 pieces by me and loads of received pieces from Mailart 365ers. What a stunning wall this is! 
Katerina has been a real inspiration for many people, and last year she ran a great mailart show in her home city of Thessaloniki which I contributed to. It’s nice to see more of my work up on walls in Greece, and if you have sent mailart out that way too, perhaps you too are on her wall today. 

If you see your piece on the wall, leave a comment below and tell us which one it is!