November 14, 2010

A postcard dinner

A postcard dinner, originally uploaded by andytgeezer.

Early this week me and Elena were invited by L-plate Big Chese for a postcard dinner.

Yesterday, we went over to her house, via the Garden Museum, which is just around the corner from her place.

Still wondering what the heck a postcard dinner was, we sat down in the Russian kitchen at about 2.

After making sure that we were properly settled in with smoked Sprats and a fresh loaf of bread, L-plate explained the concept.

"Today’s meal is made from postcards I found in my Russian grannies attic" she started, "she kept a load of postcard of recipes in Russian and when I saw them I just knew I had to invite you over for dinner!"

An excellent idea, and so great to know that postcards can inspire dinner invites and bring people together. In case you’re wondering, we had Котлеты "Украина" с соус-винегрет и Троядна украинсрая, and if you want the recipe, then I’m sure that L-plate would be happy to oblige!

December 31, 2009

Grand Central Station in Martinganca. (Distance from postcard send: 5433ish km)

Well, the train station in the village where my parents live does not
quite have the same grandeur as New York's Grand Central however,
consider this:

Population NY: 8,363,000
Population Martinganca: 1,000

Therefore, you could say that Martinganca's train station should be
8,363 times worse than Grand Central since it serves a much smaller
amount of people (and that's not even taking into consideration the
millions of people who travel in and out of NY each day for a whole
bunch of porposes). It may not have a huge flag hanging from the
roof, nor a green ceiling, nor hundreds of shops and restaurants, but
is does still have a platform, ticket office and waiting room. On
that basis I'd say things are looking good.

The trains passing through are my favourite feature, though: just one
carriage and completely covered in (very good quality) graffiti. Off
it plods, into the distance, this little piece of the ghetto, through
the backyards of antique Portuguese village houses. What a picture.

Now, I must admit my eyes aren't what they used to be and I'm
struggling to read who actually sent this postcard. Andy – is it
"Aunt *someone*"?


December 30, 2009

From Aveiro to Sitio (distance from postcard send = 100ish km)

Just a short distance south from Aveiro from where Catia sent this
wonderfully colourful postcard, I visited the main square of Sitio
which sits on a cliff, above Nazare.

It's a funny location, you wouldn't think that behind me are a mass of
shops selling tourist tat. In summer, the place is heaving with
oldies carried around on coaches, taking obligatory photos of
fishwives going about their daily business (i.e. flogging stuff to
these same tourists).


December 16, 2009

An introduction from L-plate big cheese (photographer on assignment)

my REAL wall in Olga's house

When Andy first asked me to go assignment for his REAL wall, I was not entirely sure where I'd go with it.  Well, it just so happens I'm off to Portugal on Saturday and you're all coming with me 🙂

My name is Olga, aka L-plate big cheese in the photography world, and one of the Russians Andy mentioned in the last post.  As Andy's still sweating and spluttering in bed on the other side of town, I thought I'd introduce myself, and let you know what postcards are packed into my camera bag.

You'll see more from me over the next couple of weeks, including different featured hairstyles.