December 11, 2010

my REAL wall – number 1s

my REAL wall – number 1s, originally uploaded by andytgeezer.

With Mailart365 in full swing now and nearly 2 weeks in, mailart is coming in from many of the participants already. I’m really honoured to welcome so many of their #1/365’s onto my REAL wall today, including the very first piece made for the project by JJalltheway, Postmuse’s hilarious Frosty regrets, Mim’s Colour experiment with Carolina Wren and Katerina Nikoltsou’s #1

The wall also displays Camel’s REAL wall 2.0 prominiently, as well as a piece of mailart from a school in Zionsville. I still owe them a piece and hope that they get a few more for their efforts. Their call can be seen, along with all the other mailart calls I receive from schools on my side blog Schoolswaps

November 23, 2010

my REAL wall counts down to Mailart 365

Last week I had an idea – I would make mailart every day for a year. Simple idea really, and a 365 that I thought I could stick to, with a little help from my friends as I have very poor willpower myself.

So I merrily toddled off and bought, and invited some people along for the ride.

Most of the mailartists who have signed up to join me in this marathon endeavour are people who are long time fans of my REAL wall, and there are one or two surprises thrown in too.

Today’s REAL wall is a homage to the people who are coming along for the ride and contains post from as many of them as I have post from.

The participants list so far can be seen on the site at, and includes Postmuse, Mim4art, Katerina Nikoltsou, L-Plate Big Cheese, Rejin Leys and Elena

Up in the middle of the central column is Elenas latest piece, a quilled skull. This skull was made for Mim4art‘s son Noah Scalin, who runs Skull-a-day and this is Elenas contribution – you saw it here first!

The large black piece is extremely fragile and rarely sees the light of day. This was found by L-plate on holiday in Portugal. Apparently it was given to her as a sickbag on a ferry, and strangely, each one had been intricately decorated by someone with Tippex/whiteout! One of my lesser known collections is a collection of sickbags, and so people I know tend to bring me sickbags (unused) from their holidays, and this is a true gem. In case you’re thinking of sending me one, please make sure it’s not soiled or blank, as it’s jsut depressing when it looks like a sanitary bag.

A cheeky one to include on this wall is a mailartist called Valentine Mark Herman, a French mailartist. It’s still not clear whether Valentine will be submitting for mailart 365, but he is currently doing a 365 of sorts where he sends envelopes that he sends to himself, one a day for a year. It’s art. It goes in the mail. It lasts a year. So who knows maybe he’ll come around to the idea…