July 2, 2012

Take part

Want to see your post on my REAL wall? it’s easy, just drop it in the post with a stamp to

Usually this is the bit where I put my address to receive post for my REAL wall. However, Elena and I are travelling the world so we have no fixed address at the moment. If you want to send me stuff, which I will put on my REAL wall, send me an email and I’ll let you know the best address to send to.

If you want us to send you a postcard from us on our travels, we would love to! Check out our new site at www.postcardsfrom.us to see where we’re at and to get your postcard sent!


2 thoughts on “Take part

  1. Hey Andy!

    Is this your current address?

    my REAL wall 53 Haygreen Close KINGSTON-UPON-THAMES KT2 7TS

    A new edition of “Message from Edie S. Mail Art Series” is coming soon.

    And how are things going? What’s up? What is your current email address?

    Pola D.

    • Yup that’s right! I’m moving soon though so don’t send anything through to here but when I get to Vietnam (!) I’ll send you something Pola!

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